Slumdog Children of Mumbai



The Slumdog Children of Mumbai has been nominated for three craft BAFTAs

Nick Read nominated for Factual Photography BAFTA (Slumdog Children of Mumbai)
Nick Read nominated for Factual Director BAFTA (Slumdog Children of Mumbai)
Jay Taylor nominated for Factual Editing BAFTA (Slumdog Children of Mumbai)


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Deepa Salaam Hussan & Hussein

Filmed over three months, throughout the monsoon, by award-winning film-maker Nick Read, we witness the bravery, resourcefulness and extraordinary resilience of these children, as they grow up long before they should.

The Slumdog Children of Mumbai tells the moving stories of Deepa, Salaam, and twins Hussan & Hussein.  Four children caught up in the maelstrom of life on the streets and in the slums of Mumbai.  

Latest News and Updates on the children

Update - October 2015


Deepa 4 May 2015.jpg


We have just received an update from our Mumbai partner, Batul Mukhtiar.

"Deepa and her family, continue to receive a small sum every month which is increased slightly each year due to a rise in inflation, this money is used as a support for the family, and ensures that Deepa and her siblings can attend school, rather than having them work on the streets.  Deepa is now 12, and is in Class 7. She has been studying at the One International School in the neighborhood run by a lady called Tania. Tania who runs the school has been working in the community for 13 years. The ethos of the school is to give the children an education informally and also helps them if they are going to a formal school elsewhere, and if they want to sit the NIOS exam, which gives them a certification. She has a lovely place, filled with books. She teaches computer studies and English to the children, as well as other subjects. She also has other teachers working with her, and many of the older children have become volunteers there after completing their studies. She also takes the children out every Saturday, and on a short holiday once a year.

Deepa does have difficulties at school because she does not like studying. The school system makes it very difficult for any child who is not committed to learning by rote. It is a daily battle according to Ravi and her aunt, Lata.  Her family are trying to encourage her to take extra classes and to sit her Class 10 exam, this would enable her to take up a vocational course.

She has also had difficulties in going to school the last few months since her grandmother Shobha has not been well, and she has had to help out at home and with her younger brothers Dipesh and Bunty. Dipesh and Bunty are now going to be admitted into a boarding facility."

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Hassan & Hussein: Unfortunately Hassan & Hussein are still heavy drug users, and are unwilling to accept any help.  The area that they live in is very tough and several attempts have been made to help them. 

Salaam: Our advocate in Mumbai has not been able to receive any news of the Salaam. She has looked out for him on several occasions, and asked all of her contacts and the other kids in the area, but to no avail.

We continue to monitor their situation.

Many thanks for your continued support.


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Deepa 2012

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